California fires and home insurance, what does it mean for you?
Kasey Helm 11/07/2019

As you are well aware, California has had quite a few fires these past couple years, and it’s heavily affecting the insurance industry.

Cancellations and increasing premiums. Sound familiar? There’s a reason for it. Home Insurance companies paid out near 25 billion (yes, you read that right, billion) dollars for California fire claims in 2017 and 2018. 2019 could be even worse, with no end in sight.

Over 350,000 homeowners in rural areas have had their insurance cancelled since 2015, and insurance companies are restricting their guidelines more every day.

Thankfully, independent insurance agents, such as ourselves, have options for you. We represent multiple companies, so in the event you receive a cancellation or non-renewal due to fire risk from one company, we can check our other markets to find the best fit for you and your home.