What do I do if I have an insurance claim?
Kasey Helm 07/26/2016

So you need to file a claim with your insurance, and you're thinking, where do I start? Well, we've got the answers.

Auto Insurance Claim -

First, take note of the time and date of the accident and always check for injuries right away on anyone involved in the accident. Take photos and/or notes of the accident, and collect information of the vehicles and people involved (year/make/model of cars, names, phone numbers, insurance information of other parties) and if you need to have your car towed feel free to tow it to a shop of your choice, if you have towing coverage on your insurance policy you will be reimbursed up to a certain limit for the tow.

Once your vehicle is in the shop, now is the time to call your insurance company to file the claim and provide them with all of the information you gathered along with contact information for the repair shop so they can asses the damage and get the process started.

Home Insurance Claim -

Same as an auto claim the first thing you want to do is take note of the date and time that the claim happened, or the date and time you noticed the damage to your home/property.

Please note that you are responsible for preventing further damage from occurring, for example, if you have a water leak shut off the water right away and call someone out to get things cleaned up so that mold does not start building up. Make sure to keep receipts and invoices of all work performed. After doing taking care of any immediate prevention, call your insurance company to get a claim started and they will schedule a time for an inspector to come and assess the damage.

Claims adjusters are typically very busy so please make sure to work with your adjuster by answering your phone or returning calls and emails in a timely manner, and providing them with all of the information required; this will help the process for both you and the adjuster.