What happens if I own a home in a high fire risk area?
Kasey Helm 10/14/2016

Some insurance companies will accept homes in a high fire risk area, however they usually have requirements such as having a tile roof, fire resistant siding on the home, fire department within 5 miles, etc.

California Fair Plan:

But what should you do if your home does not meet the requirements of the insurance company? In that case you'll likely end up with a California Fair Plan policy. California Fair Plan basically covers your home or property for fire only and will accept your home if at least 3 other companies have turned you down.

Difference in Conditions:

Be sure that your agent also gets you a difference in conditions policy as well. A difference in conditions policy covers everything that the CA Fair Plan policy does not, such as liability, water damage, wind & hail, etc. So if you go this route you'll have 2 policies that combine to make up 1 complete policy.