Let's Talk Home Insurance
Kasey Helm 02/19/2021

Most home policies are written on what’s called an HO3 policy form. This provides all risk coverage to the dwelling itself, but only named perils coverage to your personal belongings, meaning coverage is provided for the 16 named perils such as fire, lighting, wind, water damage, etc. If you sustain a personal property claim and it is not one of these 16 covered perils, the insurance company will deny the claim.

However, when possible, we will provide you with an HO5 policy which covers both your dwelling AND your personal property for all risk coverage. This means that, unless the policy form specifically excludes a peril, it is included. It puts the responsibility on the insurance company to show you in your policy where it states your claim isn’t covered.

You’ve all seen the commercials where the agent says “yep, we covered that moose running through our home” or, Aaron Rodgers swinging a golf club to kill a fly and destroying various property in the process. Those claims are covered because they have HO5 coverage and nowhere in the policy does it state that “moose running through house” or “swinging a golf club through your window” is excluded.

This coverage is becoming more common with insurance companies. If you already have a homeowners insurance policy, give your agent a call to see if you already have this coverage or how much it would be to add it. You might find it is cost effective to provide better protection for your belongings and help minimalize any problems in the event of a claim, which is always a good thing.

Keep in mind, earthquake & flood are always excluded on homeowners policies. Other examples of claims not covered are: normal wear & tear, birds, vermin, neglect, war, etc.