Avoiding a Water Damage Claim
Kasey Helm 09/23/2022

The best type of claim? Not having one in the first place. Water damage is wreaking havoc on the insurance industry. Couple this with the fact of costs to repair a water damage claim and it’s not pretty. Also, does anyone really want to go through the hassle of water claim? Ask anyone who has been through one – it’s no fun.

Let’s say you’re away on vacation when a pipe breaks, flooding your house for days at a time. You come home to a huge amount of damage. After the shock, you contact a remediation company to start clean up. Now you have to file a claim. Not only are you responsible for your deductible (which is most likely $1,000 or more), you are at risk losing a claim free discount or get surcharged for the next 3 to 5 years. Then comes the remediation, maybe having to move out of your home, and the overall headache of repairing your home.

That brings us to the awesome technology of water leak detection systems with shutoff valves. Some companies offer a discount if you have this system. For the companies that don’t, it's still very much worth the investment. These systems range anywhere from the simple of about $50 (no automatic shut off) to high end of $700 (with automatic shut off) and needs professional installation. For a small initial investment, the above scenario could have been avoided. Another positive of these systems is they find small leaks that are unknown to you. This allows you to fix the issue before there is a huge problem and save money on your water bill. Win Win!

Here is a website I used for various research. Should you decide to purchase a leak detection system give us a call to see if your company offers a discount on insurance. Also, you can get a 20% discount on the Flo by Moen system using the coupon code SAFECO20. Thanks for being our client. We greatly appreciate you allowing us to service your important insurance needs.